Remember to Warm Up Your Bit!

Remember to Warm Up Your Bit!

Although it's been a milder winter for many of us, we are now approaching the deep freeze of winter. 

Growing up, our barn and tack room were not heated, so we would warm up our horses' bits in our hands before bitting up. I recently learned this isn't necessarily a common practice.

Having a heated tack room, or keeping your bits in the house, would negate the need to do this. For many, the tacks stays in the cold barn and that's perfectly fine. If you're in a cooler climate and your bit feels cold to the touch, try warming up the bit in your hands, a vehicle, portable heater, etc. before placing it in your horse's mouth. 

They'll thank you for it, and most likely be more receptive to the bit the next time you tack up.

Many happy and smooth (and warm!) trails to you!