Gaited Saddle Warranty

We want to be sure you and your horse are satisfied with the fit and function of any of our premium saddles.

Anyone purchasing an Imus 4-Beat saddle can work with us via phone or e-mail, as well as our Message Board members who help field important questions, to be assured of a good, all-around fit, and a thorough understanding of how to best utilize the features of these unique saddles.

All saddles purchased from GOG Phoenix Rising Inc come with a one-year warranty on materials and workmanship, and a five-year warranty on the saddle tree.  As long as the problem isn't due to the saddle being broken or damaged outside of normal usage, such as being run over with a car or kicked by a horse.  If the problem is innate to materials and/or workmanship, we will work it out promptly.  Simply call or email for return information and we will give next steps (sometimes this involves asking for pictures).

We try to make this an easy choice, as we know a quality saddle is more than just another purchase - it is a financial and emotional investment. So it's important that if the saddle doesn't suit you or your horse, you know we're standing behind your purchase. With the lowest rate of returns in the saddle industry, we're very confident that the vast majority of buyers are going to be thrilled with this purchase - and this warrantee helps make ordering your Imus 4-Beat saddle an easy choice.  Read about our 14 day trial here.