2nd Gen Imus Training Transition Bit

  1. Our 2nd Generation Imus Training Transition Bit is designed for the young horse, and possesses many of the same features as the 2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait™ Bit.  The rider can start the horse by placing the reins on the middle, or snaffle, ring of the bit.  Once the youngster has mastered the art of balancing the rider's weight, halting, stopping, turning, and backing on cue, a chin strap is added to the top ring of the bit, and the reins are moved down to the lower rings.  This gives the bit a mild curb effect, encouraging light flexion at the poll and slight rounding through the back.

    One full season of working with this bit is recommended before moving the horse in to the 2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait™ Bit for higher level training.  Just think how much confusion is avoided, as the horse is already accustomed to the action of the curb bit when it is first introduced!  Some people decide to use this bit indefinitely, which is just fine if that's what works best for the individual horse/rider pair. This bit is an invaluable tool for retraining horses that have become stiff and sour to harsher bits.

    • This unique bit has a mouthpiece that offers plenty of tongue relief encouraging the horse to drop his head into the bit rather than stiffening up against it.
    • It is built with flush brass fittings in the pinchless mouthpiece and has very smooth independent action from side to side.
    • All 2nd Generation Imus Bits sold through Phoenix Rising Saddles have the registered trademark Imus 4-Beat® logo engraved for authenticity! 

gentle pinchless bits for gaited horses