2nd Gen Imus Comfort Gait Bit

  1. The 2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit™ can help with many gait/bit related issues without working off of pain avoidance.  This gaited horse bit offers a curved mouthpiece for plenty of tongue relief.  These bits encourage the horse to softly round up its back and stretch out its topline while lowering its head, giving itself willingly to the rider’s hand.

    Often gaited horses cannot properly stretch their topline to obtain long, relaxed reach and stride.  This is because too many gaited horse riders use long-shanked curb bits, and ride their horses hard in to the bridle.  Horses ridden this way over any length of time have learned to tighten up against the bit, making their entire bodies hard.  Our bit was designed with an eye to producing results based on willing cooperation, rather than pain avoidance.

  2. Smooth Copper Roller covering the joint of the bit eliminates the need for bushings, thus making the bit 100% Pinchless

  3. Perfectly proportioned purchase to shank (2 ½ “ )

  4. Perfectly proportioned shank to purchase (5”) - (related read: “WHY A SHANKED BIT MAY NOT BE SEVERE HERE”)

  5. You will KNOW it’s Brenda Imus’ design and specs when you see the Trademarked 4-Beat ® Logo.

  6. Removal of the side Dee rings make the bit smoother, lighter, and requires less bushings. If you are looking for a starting bit for young horses, please see our 2nd Generation Training Transition Snaffle here