Ode to the Faithful Trail Dog

Ode to the Faithful Trail Dog

Ode the Faithful Trail Dog

In barns and fields and pastures lay

The ever-present dog upon they hay

Dirt and grass and trails ahead

Bounds the faithful dog


Put a bell upon her collar

We know she’s coming, no need to holler

Danger ahead! She’ll alert the steed

Protecting her horses and humans indeed


A snake taking a bake? He’ll let you know.

A bear in the bush or a brand new doe?

He scents a big bird? Signal the herd

Ever on alert, the faithful trail dog


Tongue hanging, tummy growling

She signals it’s resting time

Lunch it seems, means plenty of treats

And lovin’s from her trail partners in crime


We’re dragging our feet, it’s time to untack

Another glorious day in the wild outback

His eyes start to flutter, he gently growls

Even in sleep he’s still on the prowl


Load up the horse (with her assistance of course!)

Hop in the truck, settle in for the drive

Thanks be to Trail Dog, we’re all still alive!