Phoenix Rising Saddles Leather Cleaner and Conditioner

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Leather Conditioning Cream:

Restores, waterproofs and protects. Our light-thick cream with additional beeswax provides superior waterproofing without heavy waxes. Ideal for saddles and tack that are subject to severe weather, this Cream will fully condition and waterproof without sacrificing breathability.

Use on dry leather after cleaning with Phoenix Rising Saddles Leather Cleaner. Use a soft cloth or applicator pad to apply a thin coat and allow the Cream to be absorbed by the leather. Work into the leather and seams in small circular motions for deep conditioning and waterproofing.

Leather Cleaner Spray:

This Ph balanced cleaner is specially formulated to handle dirt and surface stains on leather.  It leaves no residue and is gentle on all leather finishes. We believe that leather should be  cleaned first then have a conditioning cream applied.

Removes normal dirt and water-based stains, leaving no residue. Gentle on the finish of all types of leather.

Apply with a sponge, extra soft bristle brush or soft cloth. Gently scrub in circular motions until dirt of other surface contaminants are lifted from the leather. Wipe clean with dry cloth. Test for color fastness. Follow up with Phoenix Rising Saddles Leather Cream



4 oz Tub of Leather Cream

8 oz Bottle of Leather Cleaner

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Kris Lewis
Love this

I love this conditioner; easy to use and my saddle looks great

Great Product

This is a GREAT PRODUCT for cleaning up your saddles! Amazing! (I used up my first bottle and reordered some more!)