Phoenix Rising Saddles Leather Care

Phoenix Rising Saddles now offers our own leather cleaner and conditioning cream.

Caring for Leather

Leather is the skin of an animal with wicking pores and it needs to have the oils that were initially provided by the host animal replenished on a regular basis. This will prevent the leather from drying out and cracking. Consistent exposure to sunlight and dryness can start to fade the color over time. Whether it is sofa leather in front of the picture window or your saddle and tack exposed to cross country trips in sunshine, our products will bring back the original pigments in the leather and make it look like new.  

Another benefit of our leather products is that they have a natural waterproofer that repels water. This added protection works naturally with the finishes that are applied during the manufacturing of leather.  

Our Leather Cream also has the added benefit of natural mold and mildew inhibitors inherent in the tree resins that the bees collect as part of their wax barrier that waterproofs their hives. All natural solutions like ours are more expensive; our beeswax lets leather breathe and our seed oils are as close to an animal's natural lubrication as can be found.