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The Ride-N-Tie™ Trail Bridle is the ultimate must-have halter/bridle combo for the serious pleasure trail rider! Halter bridle combinations are a great idea, no doubt about it. Who wants to risk taking off their horse's bridle when it's time to stop for a lunch break out on the trail? Let's face it, riding with a bridle over the top of a regular halter just isn't, well. . .pretty. The Ride-N-Tie™ Trail Bridle solves this problem!

The Problem With Traditional Halter Bridle Combos:
They have bit hangers that attach to rings on each side of the halter, and this causes problems. No matter how dextrous you are, trying to insert the bit into the horse's mouth properly while keeping hold of each bit hanger-and then keeping the bit in the horse's mouth while snapping the hangers to both sides of the halter-is challenging, to say the least. Too often the horse gets bumped in the mouth while the rider risks getting pushed over or stepped on while wrestling with those inconvenient bit hangers. We've completely eliminated this problem!
The Solution :
The bit and curb chain are attached to a simple headstall that matches the halter portion of the The Ride-N-Tie™ Trail Bridle. This allows the rider to use both hands for bridling, in the usual fashion.
Step One :
Put on The Ride-N-Tie™ Trail Bridle halter portion as you would any normal halter, leaving the snaps open at the side of the brow band
Step Two:
Using the headstall with bit attached, place the bit in your horse's mouth and slide the headstall over the ears, resting at the poll
Step Three:
Use the snaps at the sides of the brow band to secure the headstall in place. 
You're done! When you are ready to un-bit your horse, just unsnap and slide off the headstall.
Amish Made in the USA!

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Maureen Dickmam
Ride and Tie Halter Bridle

I purchased this along with the Imus Comfort Bit. I love the convenience of being able to just remove the bridle and tie for lunch. The leather and workmanship is wonderful

Well Designed

Overall, the halter bridle is highly user friendly; the bit is much easier to place with the over head design. The quality is impressive and presents well. The two areas that could be tweaked are: 1.) the width of the bit strap, which could be thinner; and, 2.) the poll strap, which could be padded and/or slightly more anatomical in design. Nevertheless, very pleased with the design and communication throughout the purchase transaction.

sue davidhazy
Ride n Tie Review

After having purchased the Imus bit and Ride N Tie halter bridle, I decided my mare also needed new reins to match :-) once again fantastic service, quality product! Very happy with them!!!

Sue Davidhazy
Tie N Ride Halter Bridle combo, Comfort Bit

Order was filled very quickly! Great quality product. My mare (and I) love the bit. Concerns about halter fit quickly answered .. fantastic customer service!

Shari Henderson
The best halter bridle out there!

I purchased the black beta halter bridle along with the Imus bit (another wonderful product) to use for trail riding.
The convenience of the heavy duty snaps & the way this halter/bridle is made eliminates ever banging my horse’s teeth with the bit. It is so easy to use & such a well made product. I liked it so much that I bought a brown beta & another black beta (along with the Imus bits) for my other 2 horses.
You can’t go wrong with these halter bridles or the bits.
Seller is quick to ship & customer service is 5 star plus.