Custom Imus 4-Beat Elite Lightweight Gaited Saddle

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Custom 4-Beat Elite Saddle builds are currently 3-5 weeks estimated to ship

All our gaited horse saddles come with our 14 day trial and expert fitting support! Looking for the best lightweight gaited trail saddle? You've found the right place! 

The Imus 4-Beat® Elite Gaited horse saddle weighs about 24 pounds fully rigged. With all its unique features we feel it is the best gaited saddle on the market. 

The fender, skirting and rigging on the Imus 4-Beat® Elite is made of wax-wear which is a very soft yet durable wax and oil-infused synthetic material that lends it durability and also water and dirt resistance. The durability is great and you can expect the same wear out of the wax-wear as you do the leather. We use the same material for the top of our pads.

The tree, leather suspended ground seat, and Supracor padding under the bars of the tree are the same in both the full leather and Imus 4-Beat® Elite, so functionally they perform and feel just the same for you and your horse.

The Imus 4-Beat® Elite Gaited saddle boasts all the premium features of the traditional Imus 4-Beat® Gaited Saddle, including top quality materials and workmanship. 

We have the best trail saddles, built for comfort for both horse and rider. We have analyzed gaited saddle problems-and worked out all the appropriate solutions. The result of this work is our Imus 4-Beat® Gaited saddle. These saddles have been painstakingly designed the action, or motion, of gaited horses (though it works great for all horse types!). With all its unique features we feel it is the best gaited saddle on the market. 

Unsurpassed in comfort for both horse and rider, this saddle may look like other saddles on the outside - but that's where similarities end.

The Imus 4-Beat® Gaited saddle encourages the horse's natural 4-beat gait. When you begin to custom build your own saddle, you'll be presented with a list of options. These allow you to order the best trail saddle that is exactly what you want.

All saddles come standard with matching Supracor padded 4-Beat® Stirrups, Leather Tie Strings, and extra-long latigos to accommodate the 3-Point Rigging.

Specially Designed Tree designed for unique forward placement, placing rider over horse’s true center of gravity. Designed for complete freedom of movement and to accommodate the gaited horse’s back

Flexible Tree with leather suspended ground seat to prevent bars from collapsing under rider’s weight. Provides incredibly close feeling to the horse.

Carefully calculated degree of flexibility in the bars offers gaited horses unprecedented comfort and freedom of motion, while still correctly distributing the rider’s weight.

  • Our Imus 4-Beat Elite lightweight gaited saddle features:

    • Web suspended, flexible tree bars to offer the horse freedom of motion, and the rider a close “feel” for the horse’s movement
    • Supracor® padding beneath the tree bars to offer unprecedented “fit forgiveness.”  Thanks to this medical grade, resilient and durable padding, our two tree widths (standard and wide) work for over 95% of the horses we fit.
    • Free-swinging, forward-set stirrups to take pressure off rider’s hips, knees and ankles
    • A custom built tree designed to set the rider in a more forward and natural bareback seat position, while allowing the horse freedom of motion through the shoulders and zero pressure on the loins
    • Light-weight, heavy duty “wax wear” denier jockeys and fenders that are extremely durable, water and dirt resistant, easy to maintain, and great looking
    • Top quality leather for the seat and skirt
    • 3/4-fired rigging to keep the saddle in place, front to back, with a single girth, while helping to avoid "girth galls."


    6 Sets Tie Strings

    Matching 4-Beat® Supracor Padded Stirrups

    Extra Long Latigos

    For more information about Imus 4-Beat Saddles® check out our short informational video about our tree and Supracor HERE

    Need Help fitting your horse? We provide expert fitting support  HERE

    Learn all about the Imus 4-Beat Saddles HERE

    All saddles have a 6% restocking fee in the event of a return for a refund. This covers our original shipping to you and part of the non-refunded merchant fees.  In the event of an exchange, difference in cost of saddles may be applicable. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 68 reviews
    Kathleen Liccardo
    I love my new lightweight gaited saddle!

    The help in fitting my horse was excellent and the saddle custom saddle came right on schedule. Jamie talked me through the how to place the saddle and how girth it. It is worth every dollar spent and was well the wait.


    I absolutely LOVE this saddle! So comfortable and my horse moves so well in it.

    Jim & Merry
    A saddle that fits

    We have two Peruvians that needed saddles. One is very short backed and a professional saddle fitter told us that we wouldn't be able to use a western saddle on her at all. Maybe they could find a custom English saddle for the mare. Our trainer, through a neighbor, put us on to PhoenixRising. The saddles they provided fit perfectly, even the short backed mare, with the heart pad, now has a well fitting saddle. Jamie and Jonna are a delight. We were unsure about buying saddles over the internet, but the whole experience has been amazing and we will recommend PhoenixRising to any gaited horse owner.

    Amy Fischer
    Almost! 💜

    This is the only saddle I've put on my horse in which he instantly relaxed his giraffe neck and moved out gorgeously!
    He came to me 20+, quite hollow backed, and has high high withers (would be considered very uphill if he were fit), I would need pads to fill his hollow back while he builds top line, and possibly a riser pad in the back.
    It would be worth it, for how beautifully he moved!
    Alas, my menopause bloom is quite full. The moment we stopped moving and I just sat in the seat with him standing still, he turned and gave me the look. The look that says "I'm too old and you are too heavy to use a flex tree." I could really feel exactly where the saddle tree was bending and he was hollowing away from it. We tested this a few times to be sure because I really, REALLY like this saddle! (Upside- I could really feel his back!)
    The 16-in seat felt a little snugger than other 16-in western saddle seats. I didn't mind, I'm used to dressage saddles. but if you're someone who like/ needs thigh room, maybe size up.
    Sadly this old horse needs a rigid tree that will also accommodate his monster shoulders ( if such a thing exists). But I will definitely, DEFINATELY try this saddle again in the future on my next younger, stouter horse!


    My new TW rides and responds 100% better with the Imus bit and saddle. I am thankful I found Mrs. Brenda’s video on the proper saddle fit and knew immediately no other saddle would do. If you want excellent customer service (Mrs. Jonna) and quality products, look no further!!!