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This pad was developed to fit in the area directly behind and on either side of the wither to fill in the hollow area on high-withered horses or horses who have muscle atrophy due to being ridden in a hollow manner.  It prevents the saddle from bridging and causing pressure soreness at the scapula.  This can also help with a high-withered horse whose saddle continues to slip back.

Four layers of closed cell foam are contained within pockets that fall to either side of the horse's spine; these are secured close by strips of Velcro.  Another strip of Velcro is on the underside of the pad, down the center spine.  We supply a matching strip of Velcro loop fastening to be glued to the appropriate spot on the top of any other saddle pad.  This permits the rider to attach the Have-a-Heart to the top side of any other saddle pad you may choose.  Our system permits you to custom fit the padding to the amount of dip in your horse's back by removing a layer of cushioning.  Developing and strengthening your horse's back will assure many extra years of pain-free riding.

Watch the Video About the Have a Heart Pad

Does your horse have a sway through the back?

 Read this 3 PART ARTICLE to learn about exercises you can perform on your horse to help even out the back and strengthen the abdominal muscles. 

Customer Reviews

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Lynn Smith
Too thin

It was not thick enough to work for my horse


Looks to be good quality and shipping was ultra fast. Smaller and thinner than I though so I hope it will work. I don’t think it will be thick enough to fill in my horses top line as she’s really bad.

Holly Harp

This pad has been a total game changer!! My 26 year old Quarter horse gelding had lost some muscle mass behind his shoulders and just below his withers. Everywhere else he is looking great. I had tried other filler pads, bridge pads, different saddles, you name it. When I found the have a heart bridge pad I thought I'd give it a shot. Holy cow, what a difference!! It sits EXACTLLY where he needs the added fill, doesn't shift and he is moving out like he did when he was a teenager!! He and I are so thankful for this bridge pad!!

Dwight Millsaps
Makes a huge difference in saddle fit

My horse is currently injured so I haven’t rode with the new heart pad yet. Soon I will but I placed it like you said above the regular pad I use and saw immediately my saddle had tremendously more clearance to compensate for his high withers. Everyone should give this a try before buying another saddle. Joann helped me greatly even telling me about horses with no back muscles can feel much better when riding with this heart pad. I wondered why it was called a heart pad so when I held it open it looks just like a heart. My horse will love it mor3 noe when I ride him. Saddles should be considered for the horse 1st then the riders comfortability. Great great product anfbif you want to learn about saddle fit give this lady a call. She even said if it’s not satisfactory send it back. She’s a super nice horse loving w9man.

Pat Clay

I bought both bits, 4 saddle pads, (2 for my horses, 2 for friends horses) a Have a Heart pad for an old friend horse, and especially the Imus 4-Beat saddle for me & whichever horse I ride. It’s sooo comfortable!!
This company goes extra mile on Everything!!

Customer Service, Quality & my favorite Comfort for all horses.
Cannot say enough good for this caliber of people & company!!!!
High 5’s & 5 Stars!!
Let Phoenix Rising wow you & your horses.

Always Happy Trails!!