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The Breathe Easy™ Comfort Grip Cinch is a cinch that has tough elastic inserts at either end, giving your horse the ability to breathe easy even when securely cinched.  The neoprene is covered with a 1/2" of Comfort Grip for maximum comfort and durability. They come with a stainless steel roller buckle and flat buckle for the off-side to allow the tie straps to be pulled through freely, making it easy to adjust your center fired rigging evenly on both sides.  The buckles, combined with the Imus 4-Beat's unique rigging system-which ties off at the rear D Ring, rather than adding unnecessary  bulk under the rider's leg- makes it a "cinch" to tighten or adjust your saddle while mounted. 

Comes with roller-buckle on one side for easier tightening

Detachable middle for easy cleaning

Black only.  Sizes: 28"-36"

Cinch Instructions: Our cinch has a double roller-buckle. Your first time through the cinch, loop it on the top half,  below the roller buckle. For the second loop, bring it through the lower half, above the roller buckle. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Ann Parrish
Breathe Easy cinch

Have used the cinch a few times. Great for the horse who doesn't like the saddle tightened to quickly or to tight

Kelly Stitzer
Breathe Easy Comfort Grip Cinch

Love this cinch! You do not need to draw it down as much to keep the saddlle in place.

Jannis Jackson
Wonderful cinch!!!

Love this cinch!! This cinch is so comfortable for my horse! It definitely keeps my Imus saddle in the correct position. It washes up great.. the only thing I wish is that they would make them a little bit smaller. My mare is 15 2 and I use the smallest girth they offer . My husband’s horse is smaller and he can’t use it because it’s too big. I definitely am going to order another one. I highly recommend!! I swear by all the Imus products!!!

Hi Jannis,
Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a wonderful review and feedback! I usually respond privately to our reviewers, but wanted to respond publicly here about the sizing. If you, or anyone, loves our cinch and would like to order one smaller than a 28' cinch, we can do so. The only difference is there isn't any contour (where it widens out slightly in the center), since there isn't enough room to put one. It's a straight cinch, but otherwise uses the same material, elastic, and has the roller buckle.
Please reach out if you're interested in trying one for your husband's horse. You still receive a trial with special orders, so if it doesn't work out for any reason, it's still returnable :)
Thanks again, and we wish you many happy and smooth trails!
Jamie Evan

Alan Weisberg
Second purchase of a great Comfort Grip Cinch

This is my second one. The original has been used at least 5 times per week for 5 years, so I decided to buy my newest boy a gift. It fits great, horse never has any girth problems and is easy to care for. Highly recommended

Hey Alan! Thank you so much for your continued support of us, and sharing your experiences with your reviews. You're one of our longest, most-loyal customers, and always love to hear from you! :) Jamie and Jonna

Katie Guilliat
My second cinch purchased

I bought a Breathe Easy Comfort Grip Cinch when I bought my Imus 4-Beat Elite Lightweight Saddle in 2021. When our area recently had a massive storm my barn partially collapsed from all of the snow. My neighbor took my horse in and I wanted to get her a gift for her generosity. She needed a cinch and this is the only one I would consider. That speaks for itself.