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Supracor® Cool Grip Saddle Pads

Supracor® Cool Grip Saddle Pads

Supracor Saddle Pads feature Stimulite®honeycomb, a revolutionary cushioning material that has been proven to be highly effective in preventing and healing pressure sores among wheelchair users, and cancer and burn patients.

Stimulite honeycomb distributes weight uniformly over your horse’s back to relieve pressure while providing exceptional stability. The honeycomb cells contour and flex with your horse's movements to absorb shock and prevent the saddle pad from slipping. Tiny perforations in the honeycomb cell walls circulate air and evaporate moisture so your horse's back stays cooler and more comfortable.

Easy to care for, Stimulite honeycomb is machine washable and dryer safe; or simply hose off and shake dry.

Extensively tested by professional riders, Supracor's innovative product line is specifically designed to accommodate each riding discipline: English, Hunter/Jumper, Dressage, Western, Barrel Racing, Reining and Roping, Endurance and Racing. 

Our ventilated Cool Grip®  saddle pads, featuring Stimulite® honeycomb, providing superior pressure relief and comfort. Supracor is open-celled, only one inch thick, and is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. It helps keep the back cool while providing extraordinary weight-distribution. If your current saddle is an overall pretty decent fit, the Supracor Cool Grip saddle pad can help make it even better. There is science to the way honeycomb reacts when pressure is applied, and this material was designed to perfectly mimic nature's perfect shock-absorbing design!

To learn more about Supracor material, you can watch a demo on our saddle video HERE

We build this same material into our Imus 4-Beat and Phoenix Rising Legacy Saddles, so if you have one of our saddles you do not need additional Supracor padding. We designed our Imus 4-Beat Comfort Grip Saddle Pads to work perfectly with our saddles. You can check those out HERE



Supracor Cool Grip Saddle Pad stimulite honeycombSupracor Cool Grip Pad stimulite honeycomb

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