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2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit

Comfort Gait Bit

Lab-tested 100% free of lead and heavy metals

Made from domestically-sourced stainless steel and copper

Made In The USA

5 Year Warranty





The Imus 4-Beat® Gaited Horse Saddle - How it all got started!

Brenda Imus- Gaited Horse Trainer & ClinicianClinic and expo participants and observers were our first enthusiastic customers. To ride in a saddle, or to see the dramatic improvement it makes in a horse’s manner of going, is all the ‘proof’ we needed to offer. Word of mouth from these first satisfied customers spread so quickly that by the end of our first six months of saddle production the problem wasn’t how to sell a saddle, but rather, how to keep up with demand! Eli hired on some help, and proved he could adapt his business to meet most of the new demand, and we sought out the services of another Amish saddle craftsman from Kentucky to help take up any slack. We love the individual hand crafted quality of our saddles, and are committed to working with conscientious and knowledgeable craftsman, rather than going to an ‘off the assembly line’ product.

There’s just one more thing you ought to know. We’re fitting the hardest-to-fit horses in the industry, with an amazing percentage of success. However, no saddle in the world will fit all gaited horses. This is true of the Imus 4-Beat®™ Saddle as well. While we offer four tree configurations (standard and wide, each in western and endurance models), there will be the occasional horse that simply can’t be fit with any of them. We’re not in the business of selling saddles, but of fitting horses. If you buy an Imus 4-Beat®™ saddle from us, ride it, and if you decide within two weeks that it isn’t meeting your needs–then return it to us, and we’ll either replace it with another model, or refund all but your shipping charges (nominal $9.50). No hassles–just the best saddle fit guarantee in the business. We'll also work with you during your trial if you have questions or would like assistance determining fit. We're great at trouble-shooting!

So if you’re thinking it might be time to purchase a new saddle, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose, by ordering your own Imus 4-Beat®™ Saddle.

"When in doubt. . .ask the horse!"

Brenda Imus

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