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Our saddles, bits, and tack work great for all horse types! They are simply designed to  be comfortable and allow complete freedom of movement, which is important for any horse, gaited or non. 

Watch a short informational video about our Imus 4-Beat and Phoenix Rising Legacy Saddle trees to find out what makes them so unique HERE

2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit

2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit



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Works great for all horse types, gaited and non

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Frequently Asked Questions About The Imus 4-Beat® Saddle

The questions you read in this section are among the most common ones we receive from customers. If you do not find the answer to YOUR question, there is a good chance it is located in our Saddle Discussion Forum.

Q. How much is shipping on the saddle?

A.  Shipping is included in the price of the saddle (minus a flat $9.50 charge) and if you order a breast collar with it.  Because there is a separate shipping of other products, those items will be charged shipping even if placed with the saddle order.  We have kept our shipping prices as low as possible to make giving it a chance as low-risk as possible for our customers.

Q. What type of leather is used on the Imus 4-Beat® Saddle?

A. ALL FULL GRAIN LEATHER! We have written a full article explaining everything you need to know about the leather used to build our saddles. Click here to read it. 

Q. What are the weight and measurements of the 4-Beat® Saddle? My Horse has a very short back.

A. Fully rigged the leather 4-Beat® saddle with a 15" seat, weighs about  29 lbs. It's about 1 lb. more per added seat size. The Elite saddle weighs about 6 pounds lighter than its full leather counterpart. 6 pounds does not sound like much, but there is a noticeable difference in weight. We notice it all the time when we're having to move saddles around the office.

Length of saddle on a 15" seat, would be 23", front to back, with an additional inch of length for each additional length of seat. However, the saddle fits over the TOP of the wither and shoulder, which means it will not be too long even for an extremely short backed horse. Our cantle is 4" deep.

We do not compare our gullet widths with those of traditional saddles due to the unique placement on the horse.  The best way to determine the saddle width that will best fit your horse, if you are unsure, is to let us help you.  Please see the "Help Me Fit My Horse" link here.

Q. What colors and styles are available? What does it look like?

A. We've designed the Imus 4-Beat® to be as beautiful as it is functional and comfortable. It is available with or without a horn, with stirrup fenders or leathers, in rich pecan, or deep black. It boasts simple but classic signature 4-Beat® tooling and free swinging rounded skirt leathers. We use full grain leathers throughout our leather saddles that is heavy enough to guarantee decades of trouble free wear, but light enough to be easy to handle, and to give a relatively short 'break in' period.

The Imus 4-Beat® Elite Saddle is available in black or brown and boasts wax-wear skirting and fenders for long-time use without the weight.  This is available in Western (with horn) or Endurance (without horn).

You can order a basic Imus 4-Beat(tm) western or endurance trail saddle, with distinctive 4-Beat stamping and a full array of leather tie-ons. 

Q. What type of stirrups come with the Imus 4-Beat® Saddle? Can I choose a different style?

A. Our Saddles now come equipped with matching 4" wide tread 4-Beat® Leather Padded Stirrups! You may choose optional 6" wide tread 4-Beat stirrups for an additional $25 .

Q. How do I know if I need a wide tree or a standard tree?

A.  Unless your horse is very barrel-shaped and/or has mutton-withers or has broad/flat back (like a quarter horse), a standard tree should suffice. As for fitting your horse you may always send pictures if you aren't sure and we can study them and let you know if your horse would be better suited for a standard or wide tree.  We do not ask for measurements because typical measurements do not apply with our saddle due to the non-traditional angles and placement of our saddle.

I ask to see a picture of your horse from both sides, from the front, and from behind slightly above looking towards the wither.  This gives me an idea of the topline and overall conformation of your horse.  Just make sure that the head is at a natural angle (not parked out and not grazing, but standing comfortably and square).  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Q. Does your saddle have a flexible tree?

A. We utilize a tree system that has truly flexible bars--think of a material like a hard rubber tire, with enough body to offer support, and enough flexibility for comfortable movement. The pommel and cantle of the tree consist of wood, to give the saddle stability from side to side. This prevents the saddle from rolling too freely back and forth, pinching the horse, or from allowing the saddle bars to collapse under the rider's weight.

There is a real "secret" to the success of our flexible tree bars. . .but we're not talking about that!

Q. What kind of padding do you use under the bars of the tree and in the seat?

A. We use a resilient layer of non-pressure open honeycomb padding between the fleece and the tree bars, to enable the saddle to conform perfectly to your horse's back, even when the horse's shape has changed due to maturing, foaling, gaining or losing condition, etc. This padding may cause the saddle to appear to sit high on the horse's wither and back when it is first placed on the horse, but will compress to precisely fit the animal's unique contours once the rider is mounted.

Unlike the closed cell foam sometimes used in saddles, our material will not deteriorate even over many years. It also does not compress too severely under weight and warmth. Rather, it acts something like bubble wrap, eliminating the possibility of pressure points and soreness. We utilize the same material in our suspended, hand crafted leather ground seat, as well as in the wide pad of our optional matching stirrups. This material is so superior at preventing pressure points that it is used in wheel chairs, as mattress toppers for severely compromised bed-ridden patients--and in the captain's seats in the planes of virtually every major airline to prevent fatique.

Q. Where should the 4-Beat ® Saddle rest on the horse?

A.The Imus 4-Beat®  Saddle is designed to fit forward over the horse's wither and shoulder, rather than in the spot just behind the back of the scapula, and places the rider in a slightly less vertical seat position (more 'back in the saddle,') than what is common today. Because of this positioning and our flexible bars, the saddle cannot interfere with the action of the shoulder--a common saddle fitting problem often not recognized.

Q. How does the rider sit in the 4-Beat® Saddle?

A. To further enhance the correct seat position and to take pressure off the rider's knees-the free swinging stirrups are placed an inch more forward than usual. This riding position has long been promoted by some equestrians as being superior to the typical head/hips/ankles alignment that is currently in vogue. The classic John Fallis saddle is one popular example of a stock horse saddle that uses this type of seat. The 4-Beat's overall design and positioning places the rider exactly over the horse's center of gravity, in spite of the less rigidly upright seat position. Though it sometimes requires a short ride or two to adjust to this position, it is a fun and unique riding experience when both horse and rider are comfortable, and the rider experiences the pleasure (often for the first time) of being truly with' their horse.

Q. What type of rigging does the 4-Beat® Saddle have?

A. The rigging on the Imus 4-Beat® is 3/4 fired, and can be rigged in the usual way, or in the more utilitarian 3-point manner common with endurance riders. The more set back position of the front rigging allows for greater action at the girth right behind the elbow. This is an important consideration for gaited horses, since they often have more reach and/or lift than do trotters. It also permits the more forward positioning of the saddle directly over the wither and shoulder that is so important to maintaining freedom of action and correct gaited riding seat position. See the rigging steps here!

Q. What if I get my saddle and it doesn't work out for my horse?

A. We are so confident that the Imus 4-Beat is the best saddle on the market today, especially for gaited horses, that we offer a 14 day return policy guarantee. Ride your saddle carefully a few times, and you'll quickly discover that your horse is more willing to move forward, and much looser and more fluid in all of his actions. Many horses begin to gait for the first time during their first ride under a 4-Beat saddle! However, there is no one saddle in the world that is right for all horses. If you're not happy with your saddle for any reason, notify us via phone or e-mail within 14 days. There is a slight charge for shipping and restocking, and the customer is required to get a Return Authorization number from us. Please see our full 14 day trial information here:

Q. Is there a Warranty on the Imus 4-Beat® Saddle?

A. Yes! Please read about it here!


One Year Limited Warranty

GOG Phoenix Rising Inc. (the Company) warrants its custom saddles and tack to the original purchaser to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for one (1) year from the date of original (first) sale. Whether a product is defective is determined solely by the Company. Freight to return a product to the company for defective determination, is borne by the purchaser. Freight to return the product to the purchaser is borne by the company, in the continental USA only. The company will repair or replace, at its sole discretion, any product found by the Company to be defective, for use as intended, after return to, and examination by, the company. This LIMITED ONE YEAR WARRANTY does not cover incidental damages or consequential damages caused by misuse, abuse, accident, or neglect caused by any person(s) or thing(s), purchaser's sole remedy being repair or replacement, at the sole discretion of the company. Functional alteration of any kind, by the purchaser or other person(s), to the product specifically voids this warranty. (PLEASE READ OUR FULL WARRANTY HERE)

General Provisions and Exclusions Applicable to the Limited Warranty:

This warranty does not cover duplication of color or appearance of leather used by the company which the purchaser may have seen in advertisements and in person or which the purchaser may not like. This warranty does not cover fit for the purchaser or any horse that the purchaser may use the saddle on. Liability of GOG Phoenix Rising Inc. shall be limited to the price of the saddle and the company shall not be responsible or liable for any incidental or consequential damages of any kind. Warranties included herein are in lieu of all other warranties, either express or implied. There are no warranties that extend beyond the face hereof. Purchaser may have additional rights by laws so made and provided. Jurisdiction with regard to any return privileges or warranty disputes shall be restricted to the laws of the State of New York. This warranty shall not apply to any products that have been damaged while being used in any manner for a purpose not intended by the company.

Fourteen (14) Trial Policy

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