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2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit

2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit



No Risk 14 Day Trial!

Works great for all horse types, gaited and non

Lab-tested 100% free of lead and heavy metals

Made In The USA

5 Year Warranty




Imus 4-Beat® Elite

The  Imus 4-Beat® Elite saddle offers all the quality and durability of the all-leather 4-Beat® saddle, but at a much lighter weight,and price!

  • $1795
  • Only 24 lbs fully rigged
  • Structurally identical to the full leather version 
  • Denier synthetic parts, offering durability with water and dirt resistance

Imus 4-Beat® Elite Saddles

At last!  A lighter-weight saddle that offers all the beauty, comfort, and high quality functions as a leather counterpart.

Customers have been asking u sfor years to offer them a lighter version of the Imus 4-Beat® Saddle.  

The new saddle boasts all the premium features of the the traditional 4-Beat® saddle, including top quality materials and workmanship. 

At last, you can now own a light-weight, lower cost saddle that will stand the test of time, and give your horse true comfort and liberty of motion. 

Weighs in at 23-24 pounds with rigging and  the premium leather stirrups with Supracor lined treads. (about 5-6 pounds lighter than our traditional Imus 4-Beat Saddle.

Our new saddle features:

  • Web suspended, flexible tree bars to offer the horse freedom of motion, and the rider a close “feel” for the horse’s movement
  • Supracor® padding beneath the tree bars to offer unprecedented “fit forgiveness.”  Thanks to this medical grade, resilient and durable padding, our two tree widths (standard and wide) work for over 95% of the horses we fit (and my husband Jake and I offer customized fitting advice)
  • Free-swinging, forward-set stirrups to take pressure off rider’s hips, knees and ankles
  • A custom built tree designed to set the rider in a more forward and natural bareback seat position, while allowing the horse freedom of motion through the shoulders and zero pressure on the loins
  • Light-weight, heavy duty “wax wear” denier jockeys and fenders that are extremely durable, water and dirt resistant, easy to maintain, and great looking
  • Top quality leather for the seat and skirt
  • 3/4-fired rigging to keep the saddle in place, front to back, with a single girth, while helping to avoid "girth galls."
  • All models come with a full set of d-rings and tie strings, to help secure your trail riding gear.

The Imus 4-Beat® Elite saddle offers all the quality and durability of the all-leather 4-Beat saddle, but at a much lighter weight, and price.

  • Available in Western or Endurance models, with standard or wide trees
  • Wide range of seat sizes: 15", 16", 17", 18"
  • Rich Pecan Or Black
  • Many Configurations available!

While the Imus 4-Beat ® E-Lite boasts all of the premium features (and production costs) of the leather 4-Beat® saddles, we are offering it at a minimal profit margin in order to help current customers who already own Imus saddles to invest in this lighter-weight version.