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A Season for Bringing Forth

Written several years ago, I can now look back and rejoice at the many things the Lord has 'brought forth' in my life since the time of this article-Brenda


As this is being written I have a mare that is nearly three weeks overdue to foal. Since she has very large babies, and has needed help in the past--and horses foal quickly and can get into big trouble within a matter of minutes--I've been sleeping in the barn, waiting for that baby to be born.

It's been very cold here, and the 'bed' I've rigged up isn't long on comfort. While the first few nights were cozy and special, the novelty has now worn thin. The last couple of night I've gotten very discouraged, almost angry, as I've lain awake in the cold, dark, uncomfortable barn waiting for the tell-tale sounds of birth to begin, only to be disappointed once again.

To make matters worse, two people I know had horses who were due to foal weeks after mine--and both of them were born YESTERDAY!

Last night as I lay awake, absolutely sure she would have her baby at long last, the Lord spoke to my heart. He reminded me about how much of the birthing process actually takes place before we can see or hear any outside evidence of it. I recalled that the body is softening, the baby being moved into position, the milk glands being made ready. I realized there is never a time during pregnancy when things are static--and this is more and more true as the time for delivery approaches.

As He brought these things to my mind, I imagined they were all being made ready even as I lay there--and so I expected to hear the sounds of actual delivery begin any second. I dozed on and off, waking from time to time to listen to the Lord, and to the mare (who has always foaled just before the break of dawn).

Come 8 a.m., there was still no foal--and I knew that, once again, there wouldn't be one this day. So I dragged myself into the house, feeling forsaken and forlorn.

As I took myself to the Lord, I sensed Him bringing a Scripture to mind, so I looked it up. It was in Isaiah 66:9.

Isa 66:9:
Shall I bring to the birth, and not cause to bring forth? saith the LORD: shall I cause to bring forth, and shut the womb? saith thy God.

As I meditated upon this, the Lord spoke very sweetly to my spirit. He reminded me of all the years I've been in a cold, dark and uncomfortable place, spiritually (in relation to the institutional church), waiting and expecting something special to be birthed by God's Spirit. He reminded me of all the 'false alarms,' those times when I thought, "Aha! AT LAST, I've got it!" only to be disappointed and disillusioned.

Then He spoke to me about King David, in the cave of Adullam with a few hundred others who were outcasts of their day--those in distress, in debt, or discontent (I Sam. 22:1-2). In other words, those who were not able to prosper under the rule of Saul, who would rather live in a cave with David, and trust the anointing upon him, than compromise with the current system of rule. These were all mighty men of valor, and God would eventually be with them and use them mightily--though it certainly didn't seem so during their early cave days, when they were chased down, mocked and persecuted.

But the day of delivery came for King David and his men. Not by his own hand--in fact, he refused the temptation to kill King Saul himself--but by God's hand, when the time was right, and all things had been properly prepared. Just so, there is an appointed day of delivery for my mare--and for me and all others who have been waiting 'in the cave of Adullam.' God is doing an invisible work of preparation, and will bring to delivery all those things which He has conceived, if we will but be patient, and not attempt to bring them to pass in our own strength.

Better a live, overdeveloped healthy foal--than a partial birth abortion.

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