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2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit

2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit



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My Gaited Colt Gaits Occasionally in the Pasture- But Not in Training

I am just starting my colt , a green gaited Paso Fino . When I lunge him, he trots and canters, no gaiting. He does occasionally gait in the pasture. I have only ridden him at a walk so far. I am using a side pull. Where do I need to go from here? This is my first experience training .


The BEST advice I can offer to anyone undertaking the job of training a young horse is: "Take things slow, always avoid a wreck, make sure the tack you use is comfortable for the horse." This essentially covers the three most common training errors: rushing the training process, overwhelming the young horse and causing a wreck, and using uncomfortable tack.

Don't worry about his gaiting for a while. Many gaited horses, especially young ones, express either pace or trot at liberty. It will take some riding and conditioning, primarily at the walk, before your Paso Fino will be prepared to perform a correct gait. When you first start riding him, ask for simple transitions within the walk spectrum--slow to faster, and back again. Throw in circles, serpentines and figure eights to increase his overall strength, flexibility and ability to yield to the leg and rein. Plan to condition him for at least one full riding season. If you request gradually increasing speed at the walk, along with gradually increased collection, at some point--when he is ready--he will simply start to gait. It's as natural as dandelions blooming after a season of rain!

Many happy--and smooth--trails!