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We are proud to offer Imus 4-Beat and Legacy Saddles, designed for comfort and complete freedom of movement, plus our humane pinchless bits and other items that will enhance your rides for both you and your horse!



2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit

2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit



No Risk 14 Day Trial!

Works great for all horse types, gaited and non

Lab-tested 100% free of lead and heavy metals

Made In The USA

5 Year Warranty




How to train and ride your gaited horse using simple and easy-to-understand techniques that are sound and natural. The gaited horse training articles and videos in this section are chock full of information on how to get your horse to perform an evenly timed 4-beat gait in sound form.

Each article in this section offers an overview on a particular aspect of gaited horses. Some of these have appeared in print publications, others are unique to this site. All of these articles were written for you by our late mom, author and clinician Brenda Imus. 

Saddle Tree Terms- Understanding Western Saddle Trees
How to Check Your Saddle Fit
Unique Comfort Features of Phoenix Rising Legacy and Imus 4-Beat Saddles
Gait Training Exercises (VIDEO)
Is Your Horse Crooked Through the Topline? (VIDEO)
Using Ground Poles and Cones in Gait Training Exercises (VIDEO)
Bringing Out Your Horse's Natural Running Walk (VIDEO)
How to Check the Fit of Your Horse's Bit (VIDEO)
Ground Exercise for the Hollow or Swayback Horse (Video)
Proper Bit Adjustment
Locking Stifle in the Gaited Horse- What it is and How to Fix It (Video)
Proper Saddle and Bit Fit for the Gaited Horse (Video)
Natural Trimming and Hoof Care for the Gaited Horse (Video)
Pre-Riding Season Checklist
Bitting the Gaited (and non-gaited) Horse (VIDEO)
Conformation as it Relates to Gait Part III (VIDEO)
Gaited Horse Saddle Fitting and Equitation (VIDEO)
Conformation as it Relates to Gait Part II (VIDEO)
Conformation as it Relates to Gait Part I (VIDEO)
Conformation as it Relates to Gait Part IV (VIDEO)
Gait Training for the Young Horse (VIDEO)
Work that Walk! Gait Training Naturally (Video)
How the Imus Have a Heart Pad Prevents Bridging (VIDEO)
Gaining Control of a Horse that Rushes (VIDEO)
The Gaited Horse Gait Spectrum (VIDEO)
Cavaletti Training for the Gaited Horse (VIDEO)
Saddle Buying Tips
Ten Common Myths about Gaited Bits
Determining a Horse’s Weight Bearing Capacity
Helping to Determine a Horse's Length of Stride
Gaits Of A Horse In A Nutshell
Determine Which Gait Your Horse is Performing
Mining for Gold: Discover your Horse's best Innate Gait
When You're Not Hot to Trot: How to Work with Trotty Horses
Conformation as it Relates to Gait
Ten Tips for Finding and Keeping the Gait
Is your Horse's Manner of Gaiting Destroying His Body?
You Can Collect That Gaited Horse
Summary of Some Gaited Horse Breeds
Spring Training for the Gaited Horse
What Bit is Best for Starting a Young Horse
Developing Impulsion (Part II)
Developing Impulsion in the Gaited Horse (Part I)
Establishing Authority
Locking Stifle Syndrome in the Gaited Horse: Part I
Locking Stifle Syndrome in the Gaited Horse Part II
Re-form your Gaited Horse's Hollow Back (Part I)
Re-form your Gaited Horse's Hollow Back (Part II)
Re-form your Gaited Horse's Hollow Back (Part III)
Gaining Control of the Horse that Rushes
Messageboard Member Post
Should One Use Weights on a Gaited Horse?
Back to Basics (or: Basics of Backs)
How, and When, Should I Canter (or Trot) My Gaited Horse?
How (and Why) to Retrain a Horse That Paces
Does Your Saddle Fit Your Horse?
Fitting Gaited Horses Is An Art!