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saddle seat size


    The Imus 4-Beat® saddle seats measure smaller from cantle to pommel than they actually are when being ridden. This is because of the flexible tree bars and the web suspended seat - the webbing causes the seat area to slightly 'cup up' when the saddle is sitting on a saddle stand. However, when the rider sits in the seat, the bars flatten back out to their true, original size. This gives the rider a snug, secure feel when in the saddle - if the seat size is truly too small, then the rider doesn't feel 'snugged in,' but rather feels as though they're being pushed out of the seat.This has been a hard concept to explain to people who are accustomed to measuring seat size a certain way. The following chart should help you determine what seat size is best for you.  However, seat size/comfort is different for everyone.  This is only used as a general guide and not an absolute guarantee of fit.Imus 4-Beat Elite Pink Camo Saddle

    Women, 5' - 5'8"

    up to 130 lbs/up to size 12 jeans.: 15" seat

    131-175 lbs./up to size 16 jeans: 16" seat

    176-200 lbs: 17" seat

    200 lbs+: 18" seat


    Women over 5'9":

    up to 150 lbs.: 16" seat - 17" if they need to purchase extra long legged jeans

    151-200 lbs.: 17" seat

    200 lbs+: 18" seat


    Men, 5'-5'6"

    Up to 150 lbs., jean inseam up to 29": 15" seat

    Inseam over 29": 16" seat

    150-185 lbs., inseam up to 30": 16" seat

    Iinseam over 30": 17" seat

    Imus 4-Beat Saddle endurance styleMen 5'7"-5'11"

    Up to 185 lbs. inseam up to 30": 16" seat

    Inseam over 30": 17" seat

    Men 5'11"+

    Up to 200 lbs.: 16" seat, unless inseam 32" or more, then 17" seat

    200+lbs.: 17" or 18" seat seat


    There are those who prefer to ride with extra room in the seat, and others who like a snugger fit. Generally, those with exceptionally long legs are more comfortable going one seat size up.