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imus 4-beat saddle

  • Phoenix Rising Saddles has several comfort features built into their Legacy and Imus 4-Beat Saddles to make them the best western trail pleasure saddles available. Comfort for the horse and rider were considered in every aspect of their designs. We will help with saddle fitting both pre and post-sale and our 14 Day Trial ensures your saddle will be a great fit for you and your horse, gaited or non-gaited. 







    Phoenix Rising Legacy Best Trail Saddles


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    In this video we break down a few of the key features of the Imus 4-Beat and Phoenix Rising Legacy Saddles. Discussed are the flexible tree, leather suspended ground seat, and Supracor material built under the bars of the tree and skirting. Our 14 day trial and expert fitting benefits are discussed.

  • 4-Beat Saddles available at Marin Tack and Feed

    Marin Tack & Feed is currently the exclusive Marin County Phoenix Rising Saddles retailer.

    We've been working with Jessica (with a lot of help from our good friends George and Claudia!) at Marin Tack & Feed in Forest Knolls, CA to roll out a program to make our Imus 4-Beat and Legacy Saddles available for you in tack stores.

    Marin Tack & Feed now has some 4-Beat Gaited and Legacy saddles in-store to see and feel, and you can also set up a saddle fitting to try our saddles on your horse. Call or stop in!

    Marin Tack & Feed
    Mon-Fri 10 AM-6 PM (Pacific)
    Sat & Sun 10 AM-5 PM
    6880 Sir Francis Drake Blvd 
    Forest Knolls, CA
    (415) 456-2929


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    Jamie discusses some of the main comfort features of Phoenix Rising Saddles Legacy and Imus 4-Beat Saddles. Our western and endurance trail saddles have unique features that ensure a custom-like saddle fit for your horse, that allows complete freedom of movement. Our flexible tree, leather suspended ground seat, and therapeutic open-cell Supracormaterial built under the saddle combine for an exceptionally comfortable ride for you and your horse. 

    All horses attempt to communicate with us. Whether we listen with our ears, our bodies, our hearts (or all three!), if we simply listen, we can hear them. Does your horse act like a gem on the ground, but seems a totally different horse under saddle? Often behavioral problems are attributed to bad attitudes or dislike of being under saddle. Often the case is they are simply uncomfortable when being ridden--either under saddle, in the mouth, or both.
    Horses have a strong fight or flight response and this kicks in when they are in pain or discomfort. Horses expresses this by fighting with you under saddle (fight), rushing/barging, bolting, or being exceptionally reactive and spooky (flight).
    If you haven't lately, whether your horse is displaying these behaviors under saddle or not, don't you owe it to them to make sure you aren't inadvertently causing them pain or discomfort under saddle? Click for simple, logical tests you can run yourself to check to see if your saddle is a good fit. Your horse will thank you.