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gentle bits

  • Our 2nd Generation Imus bits work wonders for all horse types, gaited or non. Our bits are designed to be comfortable for the horse. Completely pinchless with plenty of tongue relief and perfect proportions, our bits will help your horse comfortably round up into the bit. This is key to building an effective partnership without using any type of pain avoidance. Phoenix Rising Saddles is your go-to source for comfortable walking horse bits and those looking for wonder bits for horses. Learn more below!

  • (52 minutes) In this video Brenda Imus explains the dynamics of commonly used bits for both gaited and non-gaited horses. Informative and easy to understand, Brenda breaks down how different horse bits function in your horse's mouth when you take on the rein and explains why a bit should not be used to 'get gait'. 


    bitting for gaited horse

    Learn about Brenda's 2nd Generation Imus Comfort  Gait Bit available exclusively at Phoenix Rising Saddles. Made in the USA and backed by a 5 year warranty!

  • All horses, but especially gaited horses, have a good amount of movement in their muscles through their loins, back, and shoulders while moving under saddle. They require a saddle and bit that  allows them complete comfort and freedom of movement, so they can comfortably and naturally collect under saddle. Proper collection is key for your horse to be able to perform an evenly timed 4-beat gait in good form. This video by Brenda Imus outlines some common fit problems and illustrates how a properly fitting saddle and bit can make a huge difference in your horse's abilities to gait in good form.


    proper saddle fit and bitting