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Welcome to our Free Naturally Gaited Horse Classifieds Brought to you by Phoenix Rising Saddles

Hay There!

Hay There!

Since Phoenix Rising Saddles and the Brenda Imus philosophy are strictly geared towards bringing out horse’s gaits naturally, we are often asked about where to find good quality, naturally gaited horses. Our answer is always “we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for you”, but we quickly realized the need for one place for those farms and individuals to list their naturally gaited horses—also horses that have not been trained using artificial /painful methods or devices to “get” gait.  Other classifieds sites lump all the gaited horses in to one category–from padded show horses to unregistered trail horses. Here, we’ve already narrowed it down for you.

So, here you go! We are proud to present a FREE classifieds site that is modern, mobile compatible, and has an extremely user-friendly interface. We are asking only for the listing of naturally gaited horse breeds or mixes of breeds which have resulted in a naturally gaited horse—papered or not.

Of course we ask the farms and individuals to be honest about the representation of their horses and their natural training methods, but, as always, when searching for a horse, it’s important to understand the full picture by asking questions and feeling comfortable with the buyer/seller relationship. Oh, and don’t forget the vet check!

We hope you enjoy the site and if we missed something, or you have a suggestion, we’re always happy to hear from you. Just Contact Us.

To read more about Phoenix Rising Saddles, see our About Us here.

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