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Tips for Selling

Tips for selling:

  • Be honest—We know! We’re saying it again. We ask that you please only list naturally gaited horses that are not `taught’ to gait using artificial and/or painful methods or devices. If you have a horse that has been trained artificially in the past but is now being trained naturally, please feel free to list it. Just make sure your listing reflects this, as it’s an important consideration for buyers regarding long-term soundness.
  • Spend some time on your listing—the more details the better. We’ve put in to place several drop-downs that cause you to drill down on exactly what type of horse you are selling. Expound on those traits and characteristics in the description.
  • Make a great tagline!—We give you ample space to get creative with the Title of your post. This is what shows up front and center in your listing. Make it concise but try to have fun with it.
  • Training Info–Describe the type of training your horse has received. Potential buyers want to know this.
  • Thank you for helping us make this the most trustworthy classifieds for natural gait enthusiasts! The software we chose for our site is ridiculously easy and user-friendly. We hope you love it as much as we do.

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