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2nd Generation Imus Comfort Gait Bit

Comfort Gait Bit

Lab-tested 100% free of lead and heavy metals

Made from domestically-sourced stainless steel and copper

Made In The USA

5 Year Warranty





Imus 4-Beat® Elite

The  Imus 4-Beat® Elite saddle offers all the quality and durability of the all-leather 4-Beat® saddle, but at a much lighter weight,and price!


  • Only 24 lbs fully rigged
  • Structurally Identical to the full leather version 
  • Oil and wax infused thread is used for the synthetic parts, offering durability and water and dirt resistance
  • $1,895  $1595 Till Feb 1st!

14 Day Imus 4-Beat® Saddle Trial Policy

Fourteen (14) Day Trial Policy

We are extremely proud of and pleased with the care and level of skill that goes in to building our saddles and tack and want each of our customers to be as well.

We took out the legalese of our original 14 Day Trial and shortened it to simply be exactly what we’ve been doing—which is a simple no-strings-attached return or exchange warranty. Once you receive the saddle you have 14 days to give it a try. If for any reason you want to return or exchange it we will do so. We do expect to see some wear on the saddle—just not damage. Feel free to give it a good couple go-rounds. We’ve never held back any money for wear or damage but do reserve the right to do so if something significant happens to the saddle (large scratches or dings). If we are exchanging the saddle, we’ll immediately begin the build on the replacement saddle. In the event of a return, refunds will be returned to the original payment method immediately upon receiving back the saddle. For "Build your Own Saddles" aside from a nominal $9.50 base charge, we cover the shipping of the saddle to you (both saddles in the event of an exchange) and you are only responsible getting the saddle back to us*. We really do try to make it as risk-free as possible because to try it is to love it.

During or after your trial, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we are always happy to help. We spend as much time as you need post-sale to ensure you and your horse are both completely satisfied with the fit. We are skilled at trouble-shooting so if something does not seem quite right, reach out and we can usually help figure it out. The bottom line is we are really in it for the horses and their riders and never want anyone to feel stuck with a saddle that does not meet their or their horse’s needs.

Please contact us during your 14 day trial if you feel you may need to return or exchange your saddle and we will provide you with a Return Merchandise Authorization number along with return instructions.

*Stock Saddles have a $75 non-refundable original shipping charge if saddle is returned for a refund. This amount is not charged at the time of purchase, and is only taken out of the refund for the purchase amount in the event of a return. In the event of an exchange, difference in cost of saddles may be applicable. The $75 charge is not applicable to Build Your Own Saddles.