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Help Me Fit My Horse

We highly encourage those of you who are considering the purchase of an  Imus 4-Beat® Gaited Saddle to take advantage of our unique "Help Fit My Horse" service.  Many owners believe that if their horse has a large barrel, it requires a wide tree - but this is not the primary consideration when determining correct saddle tree configuration.  Some horses that may appear 'standard' to the average eye actually require a tree with angles for a wider topline.   We will look at photos of your horse and ask a few key questions and you can be sure of your saddle choice in no time! Here is how it works: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. using the instructions below.  We will get back to you soon - within a day during the week! 


  1. Take Photos of your horse like the examples we provided below.
  2. Let us know any concerns you have or have encountered in the past that you feel is pertinent and would like to discuss.
  3. Browse your computer for the photos that you want to send, and attach.
  4. We will evaluate your horse photos and information provided and let you know what is the appropriate saddle fit.
  5. Please let us know the height and age of your horse.
Fit my gaited horse

Please take photos like the ones you see here. Your horse should be standing relatively square, with a background that allows us to view it clearly.  As alway, please make sure you are standing out of reach of the horse's back legs.

While we are very successful at offering appropriate recommendations, our recommendation is not a guarantee of fit.  If your saddle does not fit you may exchange or return it according to our 14 day trial guidelines.

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